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Clever Design Black Car Insulated Organizer

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Are you tired of messy back seats of your car?

Do you face trouble while carrying items in the back pocket of your car? Do they lead to messy back seats and dirty covers? Well this is one of the most reported problems by the car owners. People wish to carry food and other liquid items but end up dirtying the back seat. Picnics and travelling become a mess for you when your car stinks with the smell of spilled food items.

Why is the back seat organiser the answer to your problem?

These back seat organisers by lucygrey.com are the best way to carry your items in the car. They avoid spilling and making the back seats clean and manageable. These organisers are accompanied with insulated pockets that help you in managing the temperature of the items in the bag. There are two net pockets for bottles and cans and also a large net pocket in front of the bag. The major compartment is made up of distinctive insulation material that guarantees high standard performance.

The superior quality material used to manufacture these bags assures long life without remonstrance and is suited for any kind of vehicle that you own. A reasonable investment that persuade quality and comfort at the same time.

Exclusive Features

         High quality material assuring long life.

         Velcro strap for attaching it easily to the Front seat head rest.

         Washable material, thus easy to maintain

         Pockets of all size to accommodate everything needed

         Buckle system helping it to fit easily

The back seat organisers are available exclusively on lucygrey.com at a discounted price for a short time. The stock is limited, so rush and grab one for yourself before the stock exhausts.

Travel organised, travel smart!


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